Who is an Ideal Candidate for Adult Day Care?

When your loved one isn’t able to care for herself or to perform routine daily activities, she may need to be considered for an adult day care program, according to Daniel Kuhn, the author of “Alzheimer’s Early Stages: First Steps in Caring and Treatment.”

However, getting help with daily tasks is just one reason why many seniors and their families opt for adult day care services.

Seniors Who Feel Isolated

Lynn Hampstead, 78, began adult day care as a way to meet up with friends and socialize. “I was lonely at home all day while my daughter’s family was out. They went to work and school, and I just sat there without much to do,” says Lynn. She admits that when her daughter first suggested the idea, she was reluctant. However, she enjoys spending time with peers and getting out of the house.

Seniors Who Feel Depressed

For people like Lynn, feelings of isolation can lead to depression. Eventually, long-term depression can be associated with other health complications. Routinely scheduled activity even as little as two or three times a week can give participants something to look forward to and help prevent them from suffering from depression.

Seniors Who Need Help With Medications and Meals

It’s common for seniors to forget to take medications or to take additional doses of a medicine because they don’t remember taking it the first time. Either way, the consequences of improperly taking medications can be very serious and life-threatening. When seniors need help monitoring medications, adult day care services can be helpful.

Adult day centers also prepare meals and snacks for seniors. For participants who are unable to cook for themselves, adult day care help them meet their nutritional requirements.

Seniors Who Have Alzheimer’s and Other Medical Complications

It isn’t safe for Alzheimer’s patients to be left alone. Adult day care centers can help care for these patients during the day. Many families are not comfortable with nursing home accommodations or cannot afford 24-hour care. Day care services allow family caregivers to keep their jobs and have their loved ones at home with them in the evenings.

Seniors Whose Family Caregivers Need Help

Being a full-time caregiver is a difficult job. For family caregivers, choosing adult day care is a way to keep the family intact while seniors get special attention and a place to meet and socialize with friends. For full-time caregivers, adult day care centers give them a much deserved break and an opportunity to meet life’s others demands. For many families, family caregiving wouldn’t be an option without the help of adult day centers.